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  • bad dream

    I always had the same dream.

    If it was sweet and full of romance, I would like it very much.

    However, the dream was a very bad one.

    It's giving me a hint that something bad gonna happen to my beloved family.

    The previous dream before this was related to my beloved mother.

    But today,I simply woke up so that I will not know the tragic ending part of the dream coz I can't bear it anymore.

    The picture was still clear in my mind.

    Something bad happen to little aisyah which is my niece.

    I could not imagine if the dream was true.

    I hope Allah always protects my family.



    1. Nurul muslimaH said...:

      awin, mimpi kita org biasa tak boleh dijadikan dalil utk sesuatu perkara jika ianya terjadi. Insyaallah. family hg will be fine under ALLAH's protection. do pray a lot to HIM. :))

    1. ~muka ketat~ said...:

      aina~ya harap2 begitu la.

      syud~selalu aku doa supaya depa selamat :)

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