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  • 25 things about myself (tagged by raihan)

    once you have been tagged , you are supposed to write a note with 25 random , things , facts or goal about you . at the end , choose 25 people to be tagged . you have to tagged the person who tagged you . if i tag you , its because i want to know about you "

    1) My family is everything for me especially my mom :)

    2) I love to talk actually but to certain people whom I am closed with.

    3) I am very serious in making friends.Not playing around!

    4) I am addicted to walkers cheese n onion :P

    5) I love to cook and try new recipes because I like to eat... ^^

    6) I love to help people who are in trouble.

    7) I like black,white n turquoise.

    8) I am so so sensitive and think a lot about small small matter that are actually not worth it.

    9) I don't listen to music a lot. I just choose some which I like the most.

    10) Kak lang,fatimah n ching are like my sisters because they always motivated me and care about me :)

    11) I don't like people to scold me. If I am or was wrong please advise me.Don't scold. If you scold I won't change.

    12) I like to forgive people and the word sorry is just like my best friend :)

    13) I know I am bad in certain ways but I will try my very best to improve. It was too sad to know that I am bad actually because I failed to be a good daughter to my parents. They are perfect but not me :(

    14) I am lucky to be a Muslim. And ISLAM is my religion.

    15) I felt terrible when people just ignored me when I cried. I only cried when I was sad.

    16) My biggest weaknesses is when I love somebody, I just want he/she to be next to me. Not with others.

    17) I hate liars and thief.

    18) Friends are important to me. But I wished to have friends who can laugh and cry together with me.

    19) I missed my nieces and nephews so badly.

    20) I hate dancing so much.

    21) If I got something precious, I would really love to share it with my family and friends.

    22) Please bear with me. People like me who don't like to smile aren't that bad.

    23) My personal quotation is "I don't change people for I don't want people to change me'
    meaning: I don't like to change people's attitude because different people may have different attitudes in life. I don't like people to change me because I know when I need to change.

    24) I love to play games especially crazy taxi on Facebook.

    25) I love my best friend and all my friends very much. You are like a rainbow to colour my lonely life :)

    the lucky person to tag:
    -anybody who read this :)

    that's all from me! sayonara~~


    1. teddybeargedabak said...:

      ya ai.. ayunyer aaw~
      baru dapat kenal aaw secara dekat..

    1. ~muka ketat~ said...:

      yo yo pon!!
      aaw mmg ayu k?
      nisa knferm jeles..
      sbb pon kata aaw AYU!

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