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  • I realised

    salam everyone.I am in a good mood today.
    I ate GCB at 5pm just now and it's already GONE :)
    very delicious people.you should try it.no regret.
    then, I realised that I owe aina a tag.
    long long ago.so after feeling full,
    I'm willing to complete my tag.

    here is the award :)

    so, next question please?

    Write 5 interesting fact about the person who gave you the award
    aina zahidah?

    1. She is like my second mother because she understands me a lot. She is a good listener
    and we share secrets together. She will convince me when I have problems.

    2. She will try to say HI to me even if I'm not in a good mood. Honestly,sometimes I have a
    feeling to just ignore her when I have no mood but I can't..Looking at her innocent face
    just destroy everything ;)

    3. She likes to tell story about her life! (love story,friends,family,food, etc)

    4. She loves playing games and drinking ice water especially ice barley.

    5. She is a caring, kind, loving, funny, sporting and adorable friend. I love you :)

    Jot down 10 interesting fact about yourself and your hobby

    1. My face is a bit scary because I don't like to smile but it doesn't mean that I'm bad.

    2. I am so so so so sensitive. Sometimes small small stories or incident can make me feel
    uneasy. (this is not good at all)

    3. If I don't like some people especially their annoying attitudes, I will directly show them (by giving hint) and I believe that can notice it. As for
    me this is one way for such people to change their attitude, if not, they will no nothing.

    4. I can easily put on weight because I love eating. Pity to those my 2 roomates
    (dayah naim n asma) because I will persuade them to eat too :) and I found out that both
    of them are the same.They like to eat also but luckily they are slim.

    5. Besides eating, I love watching movies too especially English and Koreans movies but I am more addicted to Korean. I will not even sleep just to finish up all the episodes.

    6. I just love to cry. When I have problems it is a must for me to cry. Crying can make me feel
    relief. I hate people with the perception that people who cry are weak.This is so not true :P

    7. My mood is everything and important to me because it controls my life. Good mood great
    life, bad mood bored life.

    8. I just love to talk, talk and talk.Some people who are not close to me may think that I am
    a bit shy even to talk, but, hey, you are wrong! I can't stop talking when you got to know
    me. I love giving advices too for some people who need it especially to close friends.

    9. I love to sleep a lot.You know what people.It is a great feeling that I can't describe when
    I can sleep.Auchhhh I just love sleeping.

    10. Other hobbies: love reading, love babies, love flowers, love polka dots, love shopping,
    love gossiping, love cool guys, love new languages (Portuguese & Spanish), love you and
    you and you :)

    That's it.The end~


    1. selipar biru said...:

      yeah yeah
      awin dh reply tag

      burger gcb tu sedap!
      aku pn dh makan!

    1. ~muka ketat~ said...:

      ngee..sorry 4 the late reply..
      mmg sedap mcm sate~nyum nyum nyum..
      wah mcd patut bg untung kt kita sbb tlg promote GCB~hikhik

    1. selipar biru said...:

      mcd kena bg kita extra kupon mcd! hehe

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